Árbore Azul
Creative Agency

By the sea, a tree is soaked with its color, its salt. It is known as Árbore Azul and, long before that, it was a seed that the earth fertilized with the strength and gentleness of the wind.

It is found at the point where the moon kisses the ocean, where the songs of the mermaid sisters are heard.

A turquoise light
that serves as a guide

From its bark emanates a turquoise light that serves as a guide to those who sail by sea, air or land in an uncertain direction, in a hurry, without wind.

Raquel Senra


An adaptable

Árbore Azul is a living organism, which adapts to each idea, each dream, each project, to bring all its knowledge, creativity and energy in three ways: translation, illustration and reading promotion.

Literary and creative.

Editorial and creative.

Activities for children, youth and reading promoters.